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Hi, my name is Eline!

Thanks for checking out The Spoonies Community

The Spoonies Community is a blog and community, filled with information about everything you need to live well (with a chronic illness). Looking for good and easy food recipes? I got you! Looking for great accessible travel destinations? Yep, I’m your girl! Or good and inspiring reads? Then you’re at the right place.


That’s me

The Spoonies Community

So why “Spoonies”?

Therapist and blogger Christine Miserandino coined the Spoons theory in 2003

Spoons are used as a metaphor among different disability communities. The theory uses spoons as a visual way to explain how much energy one has throughout the day; each activity causes us to hand some spoons over in payment.

Once the spoons for the day are gone, they’re gone! Which means there is no more energy for any other activity on that day.

This theory helps people with chronic illness explain to others why they may have to prioritise and conserve their energy. It is widely used among the chronic illness community.

And so that is what we are! Welcome to the Spoonies Community!

MEET Eline

An enthusiastic, social butterfly and open book, who is ambitious and quite messy at times

Yeah, that’s me in a few key words! I love meeting and connecting (with) people, hence why I started this blog. My goal is to grow The Spoonies Community together and make it a safe place for all of us “spoonies” to get together, share experiences and lift each other up when needed

Let’s Get Social

Struggling to kickstart your Mornings?

Are you familiar with that nagging feeling of being hit by a bus, when waking up? And there’s no way you can leave your bed to start the day?

Yes, waking up in the morning having a chronic illness can be challenging.

That is why I have created this free 5-step morning routine guide! I use 5 different steps, every single morning, that have truly helped me. It has changed my life in how I get out of bed each morning.  

And I am here to share those tips with you!

Download your own Morning Routine Guide now…

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