Welcome to my blog about living well with chronic illness. Are you curious to find out how I combine these? Then please continue reading!

Wanna join the community?

Hi! My name is Eline, welcome to my blog!

I am 30 years old, live in Amsterdam and very passionate about food, travel (the experience of new cultures, food, languages: anything that makes my senses go WOW!), reading and exercise.

I’ve also always had a feel for health & wellbeing. Both my parents work in healthcare and I sincerely enjoyed going to hospital when my dad was on duty (even in the middle of the night) to bring babies into this world. I also always had Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), so health has always been a point of attention.

This interest however got more importance since I had an accident and got diagnosed with several (other) chronic illnesses. From that moment onwards, I decided: no matter what comes next, I will make the best of it! And this is why I’m here and why I do what I do.

Do you recognise yourself in this? Or are you looking for a positive community to help you get through the day with a smile on your face (and without diminishing the conditions you are in?). Then welcome!

My Story

NYE 2018-2019, Harrogate, England. A night I won’t forget anymore. Ever.

A seemingly innocent fall with my fiancé, ended in a triple ankle fracture in the hospital. Because of the complexity of the fracture, a surgery was needed. After waking up from surgery, I immediately felt something was wrong. I was in an extreme amount of pain and my leg looked like a stranger’s leg to me. The next part entails many, many doctor visits, therapy sessions, wrong diagnoses, endless amounts of fainting & vomiting, a move of country, a loss of my job, and many more. But I wont bore you with that so fast forward to the future!


2 years down the line and I finally found a neurologist who could tell me “what was wrong”. He diagnosed me with the neurological disorder: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: one of the most painful diseases out there. And unfortunately, one without a known cure. However, after being sent to a rehabilitation clinic and train for months, things actually went uphill. The pain changed, I was able to waddle (can’t call it walking yet…) inside the house without mobility aids, outside I used a wheelchair for longer walks and crutches for shorter walks.

Being back at my physio after the center, I started to practice cycling again (you know how the Dutch love to cycle!). And then…. I fell. Again.

8 broken bones in my same leg. This time, my knee fractured as well. Full leg cast and the start of the same old story again. The pain flared back into old-pain mode and I gained some new symptoms: uncontrollable full body spasms. Speaking to the doctors, they agreed it to be Functional Neurological Disorder: another Neurological Syndrome that can cause full body spasms, as well as paralysis.

So what’s next?

I continue training and working hard on improving my range of mobility. BUT in the meantime: I have found a new appreciation of life and I want to share this with the world, with YOU!

Going from a hardcore career-driven woman, I have now turned in someone so much humbler and enjoying the very small things in life. And my dream is to show you that life can still be fun and you can live a good life, even though you have chronic illnesses. So welcome to my blog, where I combine my passions & interest with a life with chronic illnesses! Thank you for following my journey!