Chronic illness blogs: great to read, but what is your Northstar vision?

First of all: I am so happy to have you here. Out of all the chronic illness blogs there are out there, you choose this one to read. So thank you for that!

The Spoonies Community has just launched. It is far from perfect, but hey, that is okay! Even whilst writing this blog post, my leg is shaking, my body is trembling and the pain levels are high. So there is no time or energy for perfection here: I want to share my tips & tricks as honest, raw and transparently as I can. And I hope that that is one of the reasons you chose to be on this page!

But I do have dreams. Big dreams! I want to make The Spoonies Community a safe space, where everyone can speak to everyone.

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So think back…

Think about yourself at the beginning of your journey. You were in pain, in a lot of insecurity, not much energy. Your whole life seems to have been turned upside down and you don’t recognise your own body. The people around you are caring and trying to be helpful, but unfortunately they keep on saying the wrong things: things that make you sad, upset or angry. It feels like you are the only person in the world going through this situation.

So what if I told you….

at that point in time, there is this online community out there. Out of all the chronic illness blogs out there, this one hits different. It’s called The Spoonies Community. You can log in and enter an online world: Where videos are available with courses, assignments, and more, lead by experts around certain topics. Think mental health, dealing with your environment, what to do during a massive flare-up. But also the more practical side of things: how to arrange mobility aids, what to do when you have a doctors appointment. It allows you to speak to many people with different pain levels, energy levels and mobility. People who might be at the same stage as you, and people who might be a few steps ahead of you. And whilst you are on that website, you start to feel a bit of a spark again, as you can see a world where you do belong, you do fit. Activities and travel you can still do, even though you might have limited mobility or energy levels. You start wanting to look after yourself and your body and mind. There are mindfulness trainings on there, healthy recipes and book recommendations. All tailored towards YOU.

That is my Northstar goal. That is what I want to create for all of us. Cause I was that girl I described above. And I didn’t have this community I could lean back on. And hell, I’ve missed that! So that is why I am here now: I want to build this for you all.

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Until then…

Until that point’s reached, I hope you bear with me, stay tuned and follow/like/comment on my blog posts and Instagram account. My email and DM’s are ALWAYS open, so feel free to reach out if you have any hesitations, concerns or doubts. Any feedback or positive news is also more than welcome. And for now: enjoy this website!

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