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The 5 best gluten free brunch restaurants in Barcelona 2023

Gluten free restaurants in Barcelona: where to go? Read this post for my top 5 in 2023!

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Barcelona: the city of Gaudí, beaches, beautiful architecture and amazing food

Barcelona – one of my favourite places on this planet. The beautiful city of Gaudí, the beaches, beautiful architecture and amazing food! 

I have lived in Barcelona for a few years, enjoying all the places and all the food back then. Now, not eating gluten anymore, it is time for me to rediscover this city: What are gluten free restaurants in Barcelona like? I made a list of my favourite restaurants, where not only they serve gluten free options, but where both food and service are just amazing. Welcome to the Brunch edition!

1 ~ Zenith Barcelona

Wow, just wow! Everything here, from the juices, to the gluten free pancakes, to the gluten free sweet potato “bread” to the service. Just everything I wanted, on my plate. Besides gluten I also don’t eat onions & garlic, and they were SO good about this! The waiter also told us about his own recommendations, which made us tweak our order (without upselling) and I just love when waiters do this: it made me feel like he really wanted the best gluten free experience for us. 

Also: this menu has everything for any type of person. From eggs to shakshuka, to bowls & salads and pancakes. So definitely one to try if you are out with people with different tastebuds!

Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 633, 08007 Barcelona | Zenith Brunch  

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2 ~ Flax & Kale

An oldie but still a goodie for me! I remember when they opened up years and years ago, really transforming the restaurant scene in Barcelona with their healthy food and cold pressed juices. By now, they own several restaurants and a shop and I’m happy to say they kept and even evolved their offerings.

The Flax & Kale Passage is 100% gluten free, which is just amazing. Their weekend brunch serves different food from acai bowls to shakshuka ánd homemade gluten free bread. Yummmmm

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C/ de Sant Pere Més Alt, 31, 33, 08003 Barcelona | Flax & Kale

The inside of Flax & Kale Barcelona, a vegan, healthy, gluten free restaurant
Flax & Kale Tallers

3 ~ Conesa

This place is one close to my heart: it holds a few of my dearest memories of my time living in Barcelona. I kept on telling my partner I’m so sad that I can’t go here anymore for their delicious sandwiches. It was thé place I went to if I needed a quick and cheap bite on-the-go. 

YET! I found out, they serve gluten free sandwiches! And not only do they serve them, they make sure there is no cross contamination as they prepare the sandwiches in a completely separate area to the other “normal” sandwiches. They have been certified by the Catalan Celiac Association, meaning there have been strict checks and it is confirmed that no cross contamination is happening. 

You have 90% of their menu available to order gluten free: to be honest, my favourite is the simple York ham and Gouda cheese sandwich. Or go for the goats cheese sandwich with aubergine. YUM!

Carrer de la Llibreteria, 1, 08002 Barcelona | https://conesaentrepans.com/ 

Me holding a gluten free sandwich in front of the restaurant Conesa in Barcelona

4 ~ Jansana Bakery

In the mood for gluten free pastries? Then Jansana is the place to go! From empanadas to croissants to delicious seeded breads. And then again from their quiches to chocolate covered sweeter pastries, Jansana is the place to be! They opened their shop in 2015, being one of the first dedicated bakeries towards the celiac community. I can’t wait to go back there again and take some photos for you myself!

C/ de Balmes, 106, 08008 Barcelona | Jansana Bakery

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5 ~ Little Fern

This new, cute place in Poble Nou is a New Zealand-inspired brunch place with many gluten free and vegan options! (Please do note: it is not a dedicated 100% gluten free place, but they have very good brunch options).  Again, anything from granola bowls to eggs to delicious coffee, you will be able to find it here. But the ones you definitely need to try: their gluten free kimchi pancakes! 

Another thing I like about them? Every month they donate 30% of the revenue of water sales to different charities around the world. Now that’s a unique selling point right there!

C/ de Pere IV, 168, 08005 Barcelona | Little Fern Cafe

Little Fern cafe (Photo credits: BCN Coffee Guide)

Overall experience of the gluten free brunch restaurants:

All in all I would say: we were pretty covered on our breakfast/brunch/lunch places in Barcelona. I love Spain in general when it comes to the way they handle dietary requests, but especially their gluten free places, offerings & service that comes with it, is just something a lot of people can learn from! 

Do you have favourite gluten free restaurants in Barcelona that aren’t mentioned on this blog post? Please drop them in the comment section below and let me know why you think your place deserves a spot on this list! I’ll hopefully be able to visit this amazing city soon again and try out your spots!

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