13 spooky Halloween books to read in 2023 that will give you shivers

Halloween is coming up again: the spookiest time of the year! The perfect time to dress up in funny Halloween costumes, have spooky Halloween drinks at the office and trick or treat your way around! For people with chronic illness though it might be a challenge celebrating Halloween the way “normal people” do. We might not have the energy to carve out pumpkins, create your own DIY costumes or crafts or we might be in too much pain to go trick or treating around the neighbourhood. However, as you know me a bit by now, I’d like to look at the things that are still possible! So to still get you in a celebratory Halloween vibe, here are 13 spooky Halloween books to read in 2023! 13 books, yes you are right! From witches to vampires to horror: there is loads to choose from, so here we go.

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Halloween vibes - you see a kid with a white sheet over their head, looking like a spooky ghost. He/She is inside a room with wooden plates where a bit of sun is coming through. A perfect Halloween books to read in 2023 photo

1 ~ The Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer

God, this reminds me of my high school period. Late evenings reading the books, to then discuss them in school with my friends. We were HOOKED. The saga (4 books) tells the story of Bella Swan and her boyfriend Edward Cullen. Their love is intense and can’t be denied. However, Edward has a secret: he is a vampire and under no circumstances is Bella allowed to know as this can put her in danger…

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2 ~ Girls on Fire by Robin Wasserman

This book actually describes the story of Halloween 1991. I mean, what else do you need: there’s a murder, there’s a toxic romance, Satanic worship in a conservative community. All ingredients for a pretty good Halloween book if you ask me!

3 ~ The Guest List by Lucy Foley

We are at a wedding, on an island off the coast of Ireland. You can feel it coming: rough waves, not much cell phone service there. The first drinks are happening and old grudges are coming to the surface. A bad speech, a ruined wedding dress and then… A body. 

4 ~ Hallowe’en Party by Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie: basically any book she’s written is amazing and should be on this list. However, if you gotta choose one for a “Halloween books to read”-list, then choose the book that has Halloween in the title! 

When everyone is preparing the house for Halloween, 13-year old Joyce tells all guests she had once seen a murder, but didn’t realise it was one until later. That evening, Joyce is found dead. Hercule Poirot is called in to help resolve this murder.

5 ~ Frankenstein by Mary Shelly

NO Halloween books to read – list can be created without having the REAL Frankenstein book in there! Frankenstein is the first science-fiction novel, a Gothic horror, a tragic romance and a parable all in one. Somewhere in between a villain and a hero, you choose for yourself!

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6 ~ The house on Foster Hill

Kaine Prescott desperately needs to leave the city and buys a house on Foster Hill. But the house has its own secrets and the danger slowly increases. The story interlinks beautifully between present and a story happening in 1906. A great, spooky and intriguing story!

7 ~ A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

We are back into the Vampire fantasy themed section! Diana Bishop, a professor at University, is also a witch. Yet, she has rejected this side of her her whole life. Until she finds a lost manuscript, which triggers her curiosity and a “magical reaction” inside of her. She finds that she needs to reconnect with her magical side in order to protect others as well.

8 ~ The Vampire Diaries by LJ Smith

Quite similar to The Twilight Saga, this story is about a girl falling in love with a boy, who is actually a vampire. However, as this book is targeted more towards adults, the scenes are a bit more brutal than the Twilight Saga.

9 ~ Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

This Mexican Gothic horror novel centers around a young woman (Noemí) who starts investigating claims that her cousin’s husband is trying to kill her husband. After hearing about this, Noemí decides to travel to see her cousin and stay with her for a while. That is the beginning of many strange events happening one after the other…

10 ~ Tiny Nightmares: very short stories of horror by Lincoln Michel & Nadxielie Nieto

40 short, spooky stories collected in this book! Definitely a great one in the Halloween books to read – list. Anything spooky will come by: from Uber-driver serial killers to witches & vampires. A great read

11 ~ Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Coraline: a dark fantasy horror children’s novel, yet still a great read for an adult as well! As Coraline, an 11 year old girl, moves houses and starting to get bored in her new neighborhood, she’s decided to look for a bit of adventure. On a rainy day, a door shows up in the brick wall and she decides to enter. In this new, parallel universe, she finds her “Other Mother” and “Other Father”. Upon return to the normal world, her parents are missing…

12 ~ Harry Potter books.

You might wonder why is Harry Potter on this list? Well, if you think about it, why not? This was the answer most given by you guys when I asked about spooky books you like. I personally also thought HP definitely deserves a place on this list. I’ve read all the books the moment they were released and still loving it. Also if you have seen all the movies, but not read the books, it is still worth reading it. So why not give it a try this Halloween?

13 ~ The Shining by Stephen King

The one book that really, truly cannot miss on this list. The Shining is a classic. Actually all of Stephen King’s book deserve to be on this list, but if I’d had to choose one (spice it up a bit for you guys, can’t have 13 books by the same author now can we?!), The Shining would be it. When Jack and his family move to an isolated hotel, Jack slowly starts to lose his sanity…. This one sentence just describes everything perfectly. Now go and read it!

What a list you guys! Enough books for you to read this Halloween 2023 period I think. Is any missing? Feel free to reach out to hello@thespooniescommunity.com and let me know!

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