7 Must-Read New Book Releases in 2024

Oh how I love books and reading. It really helps to take me to a different world, where low energy, chronic illness & pain doesn’t exist for a little while. As we are now at the start of the new year (yes, end of Jan I still consider the start, we are only 1/12 on the way), here is a list you want to save with the 7 Must-Read New Book Releases in 2024!

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Just a small explanation of how I made decisions on what book makes it to the list: I compiled this “New book releases in 2024”-list based on authors I absolutely adore: I’ve either read previous books of them or heard many good stories about them. I’ve also incorporated books that talk about disability, illness or traumatic events and how people went through those processes. It is massively helping myself reading about other people’s stories and how they went through a big change in life and so I hope it will help you too. That’s all the things I based this list on!

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1 ~ Until August by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

To all of you who wonder: Yes, Gabriel Garcia Marquez passed away in 2014. This novel “Nos vemos en Agosto” or “Until August” was already written, but Mr. Marquez requested his sons to not publish it. Now, a decade later, his sons made the decision to publish the book, as Gabriel Garcia Marquez was living with dementia. You can read more about the “why” of publishing the book in this article

This book takes you to the life of Ana Magdalena Bach: a woman who’s happily married and seems to have the life she always wanted. Yet still, every August, she travels by herself to the Caribbean and spends one night with someone else. This story is a powerful narrative about love and freedom, regret and transformation.

Expected Release Date: 12 March 2024

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2 ~ The Woman by Kristin Hannah

Kristin Hannah – the writer of The Nightingale, releases her new book early February. Where she wrote about French women who were impacted by WW2 in The Nightingale, she now writes about a young American woman volunteering to serve in Vietnam. 

This book will take you into the life of 20-year old Frances or “Frankie”. She grew up in the beautiful Southern California. But the world changes in 1965, at the start of the Vietnam war and she decides to follow her brother to Vietnam, joining the Army Nursing Corps. Frankie arrives into a completely different world to what she’s used to: a world of war, of life vs death, love vs betrayal, hope vs devastation.

And not only her life in Vietnam changes her, coming back to America afterwards appears to be just as difficult…

Expected Release Date: 6 February 2024

Other books by Kristin Hannah:

3 ~ The Life Impossible by Matt Haig

Matt Haig – The Life Impossible

From the writer of The Midnight Library, there’s a new book coming out! I literally just finished The Midnight Library and really enjoyed it. 

“The Life Impossible” takes you to the life of Grace Winters, a widow and math teacher, whose isolating more and more; her life is slowly becoming extremely small. Then, a long-lost friend suddenly dies and leaves her a house on the beautiful island of Ibiza. This will change Grace’s life completely.

They say that this book is about deep transformation: a topic I find myself currently in (“coincidentally” also whilst on Ibiza) and that I find highly interesting and valuable for people with chronic illness. 

The way you view life can help you discover new paths, new feelings and a new gratitude for all the difficult moments we have, living with disabilities & chronic illness. Practicing gratitude (as an example) has changed my life and learning about that in a non-pushy, non-judgemental way like a fictional book, is just something I would highly recommend. Anyway, very OFF-TOPIC, but important nonetheless :).

Expected Release Date: 3 September 2024

Other books by Matt Haig:

4 ~ Knife By Salman Rushdie

This is one of those books where I’m like: Salman Rushdie definitely lives in a “before” and “after” kind of life. Although his “before/after” actually already started when the fatwa was announced against him: after publishing the book “The Satanic Verses”.

After years of spending in hiding, Salman Rushdie was attacked right before a reading he was going to give. This book is a story of his journey towards regaining his physical health and healing after this attack. It’s about love, support, community and finding the strength and resilience to get back up again after an attempted murder.

Expected Release Date: 16 April 2024

Other books by Salman Rushdie

5 ~ Disability Intimacy by Alice Wong

From the writer of “Disability Visibility”, there is a new book releasing April this year! Alice Wong is an incredible disability rights activist who launched Disability Visibility Project in the US. 

This time Alice Wong takes us on a journey of intimacy in all its forms and shapes: from sex to friendship to caring to joy. A collection of 25 different stories, including photo-essays, poetry and drama will give lots of different perspectives on intimacy with different disabilities.

Expected Release Date: 30 April 2024

Other books by Alice Wong

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6 ~ Come & Get It by Kiley Reid

Kiley Reid, the author of “Such a fun Age”, just published her latest book on 30 January 2024. Her first book was about race, privilege and the relationship between a babysitter and her wealthy-employer who wrongly accuses her of kidnapping her child.

This book will tell the story about money, indiscretion and bad behaviour when Millie, a senior resident assistant, gets offered an unusual opportunity by Agatha Paul, a professor and writer. It ends up being an interesting and messy entanglement between the two of them.

Expected Release Date: 30 January 2024

Other books by Kiley Reid

7 ~ Grief is for People by Sloane Crosley

Grief is for People – Sloane Crosley

I remember my psychologist asking me “Have you grieved about your health?” and me looking at her, thinking “What the F are you talking about. I’ve not lost anyone”. Only years later I was able to truly understand what she meant and that grief isn’t only about losing people, it can also mean losing your own health. Ever since I’m very interested in the topic of grief and read several books about it. I feel grieving my health has been a detrimental part of my journey.

Sloane Crosley writes about the time where her flat was burglarized and very soon after her best friend passed away by suicide. She writes about how she’s navigated that journey, with the very open question of “We’re told we must follow a rigid set of stages—denial, anger, etc.—but perhaps there’s another way?”

Expected Release Date: 27 February 2024

Other books by Sloane Crosley

These are the top New Book Releases in 2024 to look out for!

And what a list this is! Enough books for you to read this upcoming year. I am very much looking forward to all of these releases and to write a book review about it afterwards.

Is there any title missing? Or do you want to collaborate with one of the books you’ve written? Feel free to reach out to hello@thespooniescommunity.com and let me know!

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