Wheelchair-friendly Day Activities in Amsterdam: 5 fun options!

Photo of Amsterdam and the canals, placed at a blog about fun wheelchair-friendly activities in Amsterdam
Accessible & fun wheelchair friendly activities in the city of Amsterdam

Yes, we are hitting the weekend again! Yet for (friends of) people with limited mobility, it might be a bit of a search for fun and accessible activities. So here you will find a list of 5 fun & wheelchair-friendly activities in Amsterdam you can do this weekend.

1 ~ Fun Museums

Photo of the fun and wheelchair-friendly museum Fabrique des Lumieres
Example fun wheelchair-friendly museum: Fabrique des Lumières

Generally, museums in Amsterdam are very wheelchair accessible. Many of them offer disabled parking spots nearby, accessible entrances, and in some museums, like the Rijksmuseum, you can order your coffee in sign language without any issues. 

There are many great museums in Amsterdam. You feeling like a historical museum? Then check out the Grachtenmuseum! If you feel like wanting something more modern and interactive? Then definitely check out Fabrique des Lumières. 

Want to find out more about museums? Check out The Museum of the Canals here

2 ~ Accessible Canal Boat Tour

Photo showing how to get on a boat/ the wheelchair-friendly part of the canal cruise activity in Amsterdam
Wheelchair-friendly accessible canal cruise by Blue Boat/Gray Line company

When in Amsterdam you can’t miss out on the many canal tours. However, it might be a bit tricky to find an accessible one. Well, you are at the right place! Blue Boat Company has an accessible lift helping you get in & out of the boats. Give them a ring before you book, so they can inform you what times they have that particular boat available. Want to find out more information and actually see how this works? Then click here 

3 ~ Accessible & Kids-Friendly Parks

Photo of the Vondelpark in Amsterdam, showing the wheelchair-friendly accessibility of the park for wheelchair users in Amsterdam
One of the many wheelchair-friendly parks in Amsterdam: Vondelpark

The parks in Amsterdam are, besides being very wheelchair-friendly, absolutely beautiful. Bring some food and a bottle of rosé and spend the whole afternoon in one of the many parks in Amsterdam. You will find loads of people roller skating, making music, reading and celebrating birthday parties. As a wheelchair user myself, this is definitely one of my favourite activities to do in summer. It is also a very family friendly activity to do: especially in Westerpark you can find many kid-friendly areas.

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4 ~ Wheelchair-Friendly Cinemas

Entrance of the Tuschinski Cinema in Amsterdam: a fun and wheelchair-friendly activity to do in Amsterdam
Tuschinski theater: one of the most beautiful cinemas globally

Not feeling like being outside on a cold or rainy day? Amsterdam boasts around 55 different cinemas in the city! Pathe Tuschinski is the most famous one: Time Out called it the most beautiful cinema globally in 2021 (source: Time Out).  

5 ~ Fun Activities/Workshops

A photo of the Wondr Experience: a very fun, active & wheelchair-friendly activity in Amsterdam: 13 out of 15 rooms are accessible
Wondr Experience: a unique playground for adults. Wheelchair-friendly & so much fun!

You will find many original workshops and activities in Amsterdam that are wheelchair friendly. For example: Wondr is the first playground for adults. 13 out of the 15 different rooms are wheelchair accessible. 

Looking for a very cool immersive audio/visual experience? Then check out Amaze Amsterdam! Good to know: if you bring your partner/carer, they can get in for free, so you just buy 1 ticket for yourself. 

As you can see, Amsterdam has many different fun & wheelchair-friendly day activities for adults. Have you decided yet what your weekend activity is going to be?

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