Activity Highlight: the most interesting Museum of the Canals Amsterdam

My friend Josephine from Able Amsterdam & I received an invite to visit The Museum of the Canals and check out/advise on their accessibility. What a visit it was! From the most friendly people to the story behind everything in the museum itself, it was amazing. Keep on reading to find out why!

A bit more about the Museum of the Canals

The Museum of the Canals is located in a 17th century building on the Herengracht in Amsterdam. This beautiful monumental building has different rooms where, in a playful and adventurous way, you will learn more about the history of the canals in Amsterdam and the role they played in the expansion of the city over the last 400 years.
The museum often hosts exhibitions as well. Check out their current temporary exhibition Amsterdam is Crumbling.

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The Accessibility of the Museum of the Canals

The goal of the museum is to become the most accessible museum in Amsterdam. As a result of that, the efforts they are putting into making it accessible for most people is incredible. I believe they are a true example of how it can be done.

Upon entering the museum, there is a wheelchair accessible lift that will guide you down to the entrance. It is an amazing system shown in the video below: the stairs collide together and you can roll yourself up. To activate this system, please alert a member of staff or call the hotel directly +31 (0) 20 4211 656 to let them know you have arrived. I advised them to put a doorbell there, so once that is installed, I will give you a heads up!

Video showing the accessibility of the Museum of the Canals

In the museum, all the audio systems will be put at wheelchair friendly level, so in every room you can listen to the stories easily (at the time of writing, some of them are still too high). A member of staff is always at one of those points to help out. There is only one room a little bit less accessible, as you cannot see all the images through the small peep holes. However, when mentioning this, the staff came up with some very innovative and interesting ideas to solve this problem. There is a wheelchair accessible toilet downstairs, which is accessible by using their lift. 

All of the staff are willing to do everything to help you out with whatever you need. I would highly recommend to send an email or call them when you book your visit: just so they are aware that you are coming.

Do you want to know more about the accessibility of the Museum of the Canals in Amsterdam? Click hier to check out their website

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