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The 5 best gluten free restaurants in Barcelona 2023 for Dinner

Gluten free restaurants in Barcelona: where to go? Read this post for my top 5 in 2023!

No gluten Yes Party sign in a gluten free restaurant in Barcelona
A sign in one of the restaurants “Grosso Napoletano Senza Glutine” in Barcelona

Barcelona – one of my favourite places on this planet. The beautiful city of Gaudí, the beaches, beautiful architecture and amazing food! 

I have lived in Barcelona for a few years, enjoying all the places and all the food back then. Now, not eating gluten anymore, it is time for me to rediscover this city: What are gluten free restaurants in Barcelona like? I made a list of my favourite restaurants, where not only they serve gluten free options, but where both food and service are just amazing. Welcome to the Dinner edition!

1 ~ En Ville Barcelona

Wow, just wow! This restaurant is 100% gluten free, so the coeliacs amongst us do not have to worry. Please do not forget to order the jamon croquettes, they were the best of the best. We tried to get some recipes from them: they work a lot with corn (flour) and chickpea (flour) and it truly gives the crunchy texture I miss so much. If you get the chance, order the ribs as well, they were epic.

C. del Doctor Dou, 14, 08001 Barcelona | En Ville Barcelona

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2 ~ Grosso Napoletano Senza Glutine

So we were meeting my friend with 3 kids and wanted to go for pizza. I was pretty much done with all the gluten free pasta I always get in an Italian restaurant and really wanted a pizza as well. But to find a place that is 100% gluten free and makes a pizza the way it should taste: honestly all 6 of us were in shock. This restaurant is 100% gluten free and you wouldn’t tell whatsoever. The kids ate the whole pizza (little did they know it was gluten free), we all ate a whole pizza and it probably was one of the best pizzas in general I have ever tried. Our new fave pizza place in Barcelona if you ask me! 

Besides the pizza, the restaurant itself is also a really nice set-up. All ground floor, widely set up, it was busy but didn’t feel busy, wheelchair accessible, and really nice service. Don’t skip this one when in Barcelona!

C/ de València, 234, 08007 Barcelona | Grosso Napoletano Senza Glutine

3 ~ Roots & Rolls

Right, so I might be a bit biased about this restaurant as it ís owned by my previous bosses. However, I remember very clearly when they first opened up, they were true pioneers when it came to the vegan & gluten free business in Barcelona and run this very successful and amazing restaurant. 

The fusion of Asian/Japanese cuisine and the vegan world is a very unique one: from gluten free and vegan sushi to curries, gyozas and kimchi. It’s all to be found here! Definitely one to not skip (neither are their cocktails, yummmm), great attentive service, true art on your plate and lots of options for all type of allergies.

C/ del Consell de Cent, 401, bajos derecha, 08009, Barcelona | Roots & Rolls

4 ~ Messie sin Gluten

There we go, another 100% gluten free restaurant for you! Messie Sin Gluten, 100% gluten free Italian food. A bit “healthier” than other ones, the pizza is a bit smaller and thinner for example, but it doesn’t take away from the quality of the food. 

Other than pizza, they serve salads, pastas and risottos as well!

C/ de Muntaner, 109, 08036 Barcelona | Messie sin Gluten 

The front of the Messie Sin Gluten gluten free restaurant in barcelona. You see their logo on the door
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5 ~ Pötstot

Honestly, eating gluten free in Barcelona is the best. Pötstot is another fully gluten free, lactose free and vegan restaurant. They use local and seasonal ingredients and are fully vegan: all the products containing animal proteïn are not to be found here. They are aiming to make traditional recipes in a healthier way and they are succeeding if you ask me! From traditional tapas dishes like patatas bravas and croquetas, to lasagna and burgers, you can find it here. 

Honestly, it’s the last one on this list, but definitely not the least. It is amazing to be able to go out for dinner and not having to worry about whether you can eat something or not. So another one I would highly recommend!

C/ de València, 204, 08011 Barcelona | Pötstot

Pötstot, the final one of the gluten free restaurants in Barcelona where they serve traditional gluten free tapas, but also gluten free burgers

Overall conclusion of gluten free restaurants in Barcelona:

I cannot come to any other conclusion than: Gluten free Barcelona is amazing! We were covered for all the restaurants there: both from brunch/lunch, as well as dinner and pastries. It is something that so many countries and cities can still learn from and it shows: gluten free meals do not have to be boring whatsoever. We even convinced my gluten-eating friends of this!

Do you have favourite gluten free restaurants in Barcelona that aren’t mentioned on this blog post? Please drop them in the comment section below and let me know why you think your place deserves a spot on this list! I’ll hopefully be able to visit this amazing city soon again and try out your spots!

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