The Spoonies Community is a health & wellness blog and community about how to live well with a chronic illness, run by Eline Duk. It is dedicated to people living with a chronic illness and aims to share positivity around the globe. Eline is also a dedicated disability advocate as she strongly believes that it’s not “us” but the inaccessible world around us that truly dis-ables us. We are only as dis-abled as the inaccessible society makes it out to be.

Across her socials and her blog, Eline reaches about 10K unique visitors and 4000 followers globally per month. Her primary audience is women between 18-35 years old with a chronic illness, who dream big dreams, love travelling, are interested in health & wellness and a healthy lifestyle and are social birds.

Hippe (rolstoel-/allergie-)vriendelijke bestemmingen voor reizen of activiteiten, aangepaste mode, trendy hulpmiddelen of andere producten die het leven met een chronische aandoening makkelijker (en leuker!) maken, is iets waar zij zeer in geïnteresseerd zijn.

If you want to go quickly, go alone, if you want to go far, go Together



I am a Somatic Awareness Coach (online & offline) where I guide you through your body’s language to your true essence. Continue reading below!

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Anything from Product/Travel reviews to Ads to Collaboration Posts. Want to know more? Continue reading for some ideas!


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Somatic Awareness Coaching

Do you have the feeling you have lost yourself? That the pain has taken over and you feel a prisoner of your own body?

Somatic Awareness (or Release) Work is the method that has helped me to get back to myself again, find the “me” that I had lost over a long period of my life.

During these coaching sessions I help you tune in to your body, especially to your heart space, and guide you towards your true self and essence.

By doing so, you will see that your relationship to your pain and the affected parts of your body, will change. You will feel more confident, get to a place of safety within your own body (yes, even with pain) and get to know yourself again.

Do you want more information? Plan a FREE discovery call now to see if we are a match and so you can ask all the questions you’ve got, before committing to anything!

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